Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bangkok - Damneon Saduak Floating Markets

On our first real day in Bangkok, we decided to take a tour to the Damneon Saduak floating markets. (Technically it was really our 2nd day there because when we arrived in Bangkok on Thursday morning, we literally spent thewhole rest of our day passed out in our hotel room due to terrible jet lag). Usually we are more of the DIY type travelers...we don't often like to pay for tours because finding our own way to a sight is an adventure on its own, and usually cheaper also.  However, because of our massive jet lag, we didn't really have the time or energy to figure out our own way to the floating markets, so once we awoke Thursday night, we quickly made arrangements with a tour agency in our hotel. For less than $10, they picked us up at 7 a.m. in the morning, and then drove us in a minibus all the way there (1.5 hours). Then we took a short speedboat ride through the canals (where we saw lots of Thai homes) before arriving at the market.

Even though the floating market today thrives on the tourist industry, I would still totally recommend going if you have the time while staying in Bangkok.  It is definitely still a sight worth seeing!

To start off our day, we ordered 2 delicious Thai ice coffees from this woman, and she made them for us right on her boat.

Andy's first lunch of the day- pork and duck noodle soup. Above is also a picture of the boat it was made on.

For lunch I had noodle soup with tofu made the woman pictured above. It was pretty good, but it could have used a little more spice. I was absolutely starving though, so I ate the entire thing and very happily!

After lunch we rented a paddle boat for $3 so we could ride around the market, and our driver, a Thai woman, threw this umbrella at Andy. She kept yelling at us in Thai until Andy opened it and held it over us. I felt like a princess and others thought it was SO romantic, but after a while, Andy became a little less enthused.

Here are some more shots from our morning...

A Thai woman selling fruit.

A traffic jam!

A Thai man in his boat.

Needless to say, it was the perfect way to start our vacation!

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Daina @ New York State of Mind said...

Jen, that all looks so amazing! What a great way to start your journey. Your pictures are beautiful! I will be posting jealous comments throughout your travels :) Have a great time!